Hydroprocessing Associates’ Equipment is designed for quick and efficient deployment from reactor to reactor and refinery to refinery. Over the years we have served countless industries and clients, in the process we have successfully developed specialized equipment and techniques to effectively unload catalyst for many various reactors and numerous processes.

• Life Support Units w/ Video Monitoring
• VecLoader® Catalyst Vacuums
• The CleanerBlast™ Machine
• Hoppers – Loading & Lifting
• Screening Units
• BSI Life Support Helmets
• Various Sized Trucks & Tool Trailers
• Rescue Equipment
• HYDROPAC® Dense Loading Machine

Our Life Support Units are fully equipped with the latest and most reliable life support technologies the industry has to offer. Each system is designed and maintained by our own Breathing Systems, Inc. (BSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydroprocessing Associates, LLC.

Life Support Systems designed and made by BSI are used throughout the international petroleum refining, petrochemical, and liquid natural gas industries to protect the lives of workers inside confined space and nitrogen purged vessels. Our systems allow difficult maintenance operations to be carried out safely with significant reduction in plant downtime.