Project Description

Vessel Unloading

Vacuuming and Dumping of Catalyst (Including Inert Entry)

With industry leading experience and expertise HPA has built its reputation by utilizing the safest methods for unloading vessels based on their design, type, and location. We service a variety of reactor types utilizing a combination of methods depending on the vessels’ specs.

HPA utilizes a variety of proven methods including wet dumping and dry vacuuming as well as fresh air and inert atmospheres. We are equipped to handle every method available on the market. Our wet dumping techniques, with consideration not only to the safety of personnel involved but also to the environment, is by far the quickest in the industry.

Catalyst screening (Including Inert Entry)

The vibratory screeners we use have low attrition and good cut points giving a clean reusable product that requires no additional handling afterwards. We can screen into any approved catalyst container from drums, CHEP bins and even Cougar containers. Our screening units are easily adjusted to give the optimum-screening rate for the required cut point.