Project Description

Vacuum Units

VecLoader® Catalyst Vacuums are self-contained, closed-looped vacuum systems configured for catalyst handling. The VecLoader® 721 will vacuum and directly discharge the catalyst product into a truck, dumpster or other collection device. VecLoader® features an easy set-up with minimal maintenance.

VecLoader® Catalyst Vacuums safely remain on the job full time without the dumping, hoisting, and other multiple handling steps required with vac trucks or other vacuum systems. All while providing the utmost in control and safety.

Vacuum Unit Features:

  • Maximum CFM: 3,660
  • Maximum Vacuum (" Hg): 28
  • Standard Power: Diesel
  • Standard Horsepower: 225
  • Inlet Diameter: 6"
  • Maximum Load Rate/Hr. (Tons): 23
  • Liquids, Gallons/Min: 425
  • Maximum Conveyance (Ft): 1,200
  • Baghouse: 40" Diameter, 37 coated filter bags
  • Empty Weight (lbs.): 13,950
  • Std Format: Trailer
  • Dimensions (L, W, H): 21'0”, 8' 2.5", 11' 4"