Project Description

The CleanerBlast™ Machine

Hydroprocessing Associates has teamed up with CleanerBlast Solutions, as an agent, in order to add The CleanerBlast™ Machine to its portfolio of refinery maintenance services, which offers the most revolutionary, safe, simple, and effective alternative to most sand blasting and surface preparation practices. Not only has Hydroprocessing Associates reduced turnaround times by providing this effective alternative, but they have also gained the praise and approval from several high profile clients. This unique piece of machinery offers an alternative solution beyond just the refinery maintenance sector.

Benefits of Using The CleanerBlast™ Machine:

  • Uses “MINIMUM” water consumption @ 15GPH
  • Much “SAFER” than conventional HP water blasting
  • “Fully adjustable for a wide range of applications”
  • Revolutionary, safe, simple and effective alternative to most sand blasting & surface preparation practices
  • 100% “dust free” contained blasting system
  • Consumes 5% - 10% the equivalent amount of grit compared to traditional dry blast systems
  • Less consumption means environmentally safer, less material costs, less disposal costs, less mess to clean up, less labor to pay which equal’s more profits for the customer!