Project Description

Project Planning

Utilizing the latest in project management software, we can plan your turnaround from shutdown to startup. With the software and experienced planners at HPA, we are able to schedule resources and plan detailed tasks for on-time delivery every time.

Planning Includes:

  • Consulting Prior to, During, and upon Startup
  • Review and Analyse the Scope
  • Review and Analyse the Budget
  • Organize Material: Including inspection of the catalyst
  • Inspection of the Internals
  • Torquing and Bolt Tensioning: Opening and Closing the reactor
  • Mechanical Work: Including known repairs as well as repairs necessary after inspections
  • QA/QC Inspections
  • Catalyst Handling: Unloading, Dense Loading, and/or Sock Loading
  • Video Inspection
  • Arrange for Catalyst Regeneration
  • Assisting Operations upon Startup