Our Quality Assurance Program

As a global refinery maintenance company, HPA has developed an in depth knowledge of global operating conditions and as well as a candid ability to develop strong relationships within all local governing bodies to ensure that not only the interests of our clients and the local community are maintained at all times, but our integrity as an organization including our overall mission, vision, and goal of becoming the world leader in refinery mechanical, welding, and catalyst Services remains secure as well. HPA has made it a goal to forge a name for ourselves throughout the world which can only be associated with Quality, Safety, Care, and Innovation.

Quality Management System

HPA has developed and implemented an integrated Quality Management System utilizing our comprehensive Quality, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures to better satisfy the needs of its customers, shareholders, and the local as well as global communities while improving the management of the company.

HPA commits to maintaining and continually improving its quality management system to provide quality assurance. HPA maintains the following accreditations and certifications which are audited:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Accredited
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Accredited
  • ISNetworld® and Avetta Compliant
  • R Stamp Certificate of Authorization
  • bizSafe Level Star Certified
R Stamp

Accreditations & Certifications Explained

IPEC Quality Assurance Team

HPA utilizes a Process Management System which we have identified as IPEC. The process is defined by the four main stages of a project cycle. These stages are Initiating, Planning, Execution, and Closing. A team of carefully selected individuals are chosen each year to audit and ensure these processes are followed.

Our management team believes that these subsets of the project management body are an ideal way of carrying out the project life cycle. We feel the knowledge and practices described here are applicable to most projects most of the time and there is a consensus about their value and usefulness as well as an overall agreement that the application of these skills, tools, and techniques can enhance the chance of success of the projects we undertake.


The Management Team at HPA firmly believes in a process built around making sure all resources are aligned with the needs of the project and ensuring a commitment is made early in the process from all such resources. Open and constant communication with our client and staff are key to making this portion of the process successful.


Every successful project is built around a detailed schedule and well documented plan. This stage not only determines if the job schedule can be met, but it is also essential in identifying preventive actions and unforeseen circumstances. There is no greater risk than the unknown. Identifying the risks early is paramount.


The planning does not start or stop at phase two. In fact it carries on into all four stages of the project life cycle. Successful execution is built on the ability to anticipate possible risks, adapt and change according to those foreseen risks, and develop plans around and in conjunction with the changes that occur.


No job is complete until the last bit of paper work is completed and the last tool is put away. Documenting the events of the past is the only way to successfully predict the future. Therefore, at HPA the closure process is looked upon with great detail and scrutiny.