Your one-stop-shop for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds

We have made it our goal to create a name for ourselves that is synonymous with Quality, Safety, Customer Care, and Innovation!


Project Planning

Complete, comprehensive project planning from shutdown to startup!

Blinds to Blinds

HPA truly is your one-stop-shop for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds!

Vessel Unloading

Vessel unloading includes vacuuming, dumping, & screening of catalyst!

Cleaning for Inspection


Vessel Loading

Dense Loading (HYDROPAC®) / Sock Loading

Mechanical Services & Vessel Repairs

Torquing, Tensioning, Vessel Repairs, and Retrofits

"Providing niche reactor services to a broad range of industries."

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Why HPA?

Safety is our number one priority, and we are committed to an “incident free work environment”. Through our proactive Safety Program, potential hazards are identified, evaluated, and effectively controlled or eliminated to prevent incidents and related consequences. All catalyst technicians are trained in:

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Vessel Rescue
  • First Aid
  • CPR

HPA uses state-of-the-art equipment cameras, communication systems, and software programs to ensure optimum results without compromising safety. We pride ourselves on numerous accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ISNetworld & PICS Compliant
  • PEC Certified
  • R Stamp Certificate of Authorization
  • bizSafe Certified

The HYDROPAC® allows the sprinkling of catalyst in a continually uniform pattern at a rate slow enough to let each particle settle but fast enough for acceptable loading time. There are several dense loading technologies on the market, but few, if any, that can match the HYDROPAC® in its unique design and performance outcomes. Using the HYDROPAC® you will be assured of:

  • An Optimum Load
  • More Catalyst Loaded Per Bed
  • An Even Distribution of Flow
  • Prevention of Channeling as a result of Loading Issues
  • Less Chance of Hotspots as a result of Loading Issues
  • Even Distribution of Flow
  • Catalyst Pellets Lying Flat thereby Optimizing Reaction
  • A Bed Dense Loaded to Optimum Height
  • No Need for a Technician to Walk Over the Catalyst During Loading

What Our Clients Are Saying

HPA is very proficient and they specialize in catalyst loading so they are well trained in their field. Their loading technology is the best available because it can go dual speeds and both directions!
Catalyst Turnaround Head Planner, BP, Cherry Point Refinery
Their safety record is impeccable. They have always performed top notch when called upon on high profile loads/unloads for CLG clients. We do not hesitate to recommend them as our preferred loading company. We have yet to have a client utilize them and be disappointed with the services provided!
Lead Planner, Chevron Lummus Global
Catalyst helps make the reactions occur and it is important to get a dense and even load so we can achieve the cycle length!
Senior Processing Engineer, BP, Cherry Point Refinery
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HPA is proud to introduce their third generation designed dense loader the HYDROPAC®!


The GUZZLER UNIT is known for its performance, rugged durability, and unprecedented reliability!

Life Support Units

State of the art Life Support Systems from the industry's best, Breathing Systems, Inc!

VecLoader® Vacuum Units

Trailer and Skid Mounted industrial vacuum loaders!

Screening Units

Screening units by SWECO as well as custom made Coffin Units!


Custom made hoppers for catalyst services!

The CleanerBlast™ Machine

Revolutionary, safe, simple, and effective alternative to most sand blasting and surface preparation practices!

Hurricane 828 Vacuum Units

Vacuuming at the force of a hurricane!

Breathing & Monitoring Systems

Breathing Systems, Inc., manufacturer of state of the art Life Support Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydroprocessing Associates, LLC.

Rolling Stock

Due to HPA’s rolling stock of equipment, we can offer our services virtually anywhere in the world to customers at a moment’s notice!




The Management Team at HPA firmly believes in a process built around making sure all resources are aligned with the needs of the project and ensuring a commitment is made early in the process from all such resources. Open and constant communication with our client and staff are key to making this portion of the process successful.


Every successful project is built around a detailed schedule and well documented plan. This stage not only determines if the job schedule can be met, but it is also essential in identifying preventive actions and unforeseen circumstances. There is no greater risk than the unknown. Identifying the risks early is paramount.


The planning does not start or stop at phase two. In fact it carries on into all four stages of the project life cycle. Successful execution is built on the ability to anticipate possible risks, adapt and change according to those foreseen risks, and develop plans around and in conjunction with the changes that occur.


No job is complete until the last bit of paper work is completed and the last tool is put away. Documenting the events of the past is the only way to successfully predict the future. Therefore, at HPA the closure process is looked upon with great detail and scrutiny.

Your one-stop-shop for SAFE and EFFICIENT reactor turnarounds

We have made it our goal to create a name for ourselves that is synonymous with Quality, Safety, Customer Care, and Innovation!

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